Learning how to live-Tweet

Live-Tweeting is a great way to involve your Twitter followers around the world on your events, but what’s the best way to do it?

If your business enjoys holding events and you have a range of followers around the country or world, then it’s not always possible for all your followers who want to attend your events to do so. This is where Live-Tweeting can come in. Anyone can view your livestream from anywhere in the world, making your events viewable to your followers.

Preparation is key   📋

Make sure you schedule as much content as you can in advance. If you have some speakers at different times, you could schedule some tweets that welcome them on stage at that time. Make sure you keep an eye on the runnings of the event if anyone changes times or is running late.

Use your #hashtags  #⃣

Hashtags are a huge part of the Twitter world, and using the right ones means you’ll be  able to attract more people to be part of your live streamed event. Try to tag all of your tweets with similar hashtags, and ones that relate to the event as well. This way, it will make it easy for your followers (and others who may be interested in the event) to find and interact with your event.

Engage with your followers  👥

For those who can’t be there and are keeping up with you on Twitter, they want to feel involved as well. Keep someone in charge of retweeting and replying to tweets from your followers to keep them involved in what’s going on. Encourage them to use the hashtags you are and give their opinions on the event itself.

Gamify your event   🎮

As soon as you mention prizes, or things to win, people will become more involved. You could try awarding a prize to the best tweet of the day, and a virtual prize for someone who isn’t in attendance. This helps to get people involved in your event even more, encouraging them to think of the funniest/weirdest tweet and use your hashtags.

If something goes wrong…  🤦‍♂️

Don’t panic! Social media may not always go to plan, but you can always make something out of it! Try to have a backup Internet source if yours stops working, or a plan to make a hotspot from someone’s phone. If one of your speakers says something controversial, let conversation flow online about it. It may not seem it, but it’s a great way for your followers to engage with you and other users. Twitter debates are always good!

By Amy Wilkinson