Running a Facebook Advertisement

Thinking about starting a Facebook advertisement for your business but not sure how? Take a read of this article and get the information you need.

Starting an ad on Facebook can be quite daunting, but the results can certainly be rewarding! If you’re not sure how to start, follow these easy steps, or visit Facebook’s Guide, and you’ll be well on your way.

1. Choose your goals   📈

It’s important to have an idea of what you want to achieve with your ad – drive traffic to your website, get more likes on your page, have more views on your videos etc. Facebook makes it easy and gives you options about what you can choose if you’re unsure.

2. Pick your audience   👥

Think about the people you are trying to reach with your ad, and what’s their demographic? Are you trying to target younger people to interact with you, or increase the engagement of your older audience members? Whatever it is, Facebook lets you custom-create your audience depending on who you want to target.

3. Decide where you want your ad to show   🖥

Deciding where to run your ad can be stressful. Facebook has the option of an Automatic Placement, which puts your ad on the channels that your audience will most likely see it (ie. on Messenger, Instagram, Facebook desktop etc). Otherwise, you do have the option of choosing which platforms you want your ad to appear on if you need it in a specific place.

4. Set a budget   💵

Facebook’s budget feature works in a way that you set the maximum budget that you want to spend, and your advertising will stop at that. You can set your budget at a daily, weekly or monthly limit, whatever suits your budget and length of the ad.

5. Choose your format  📜

This is where you can choose how your ad will look when it comes up on the user’s phone or computer. There are six options that you can choose from, all of them designed to look good on any device. Just pick the one that you like the most for your ad!

6. Submit and manage your ad   🗂

Once you’re happy with you ad, click the submit button and it will be good to go. The ad then gets sent to Facebook directly, loos at your previous choices and sends it out to the right people. Once your ad begins its run, you can keep track of the clicks and engagements you are getting in real time. If you find something that needs changed, you can do it here to make your ad run more successfully.

By Amy Wilkinson