5G is coming!

5G is the future of digital, but what does it mean for your organisation?

G stands for generation, and each generation of connectivity is faster and more efficient than the previous. Currently, your mobile phone will probably be connected to 3G or 4G. With the release of 5G happening later this year, we can expect some massive changes to how we use wireless technology and our mobile phones very soon.

5G is the next generation of mobile connections, replacing our current 4G networks. What makes this new 5G so special is its speed, which will be around 100-150 times faster than any 4G connection we already have! What’s more, the latency rate of 5G (i.e. the delay between sending and receiving information) is only 1 millisecond. 4G networks are about 100-200 milliseconds, and the human brain averages at 200-300 milliseconds, making 5G super quick! It will allow people to see things and make connections in essentially real time, as there will be no lagging from either end of the connection.

These huge changes for 5G, making the possibilities for connections around the world seemingly endless. For example, you could be controlling a driverless car from anywhere in the world, and be able to make instantaneous decisions based on what’s going on around the car. Better yet, let the car drive itself! 5G can allow driverless cars to communicate with each other, and because the communication speed is so much quicker than humans, it has the potential to significantly reduce the number of road accidents.

While there are some drawbacks with the new 5G networks, such as its connection distance not being nearly as large as 4G, we can expect to see some massive changes to our wireless connections in the next couple of years. While 5G will begin to be available in New Zealand next year, there are a limited number of devices that will be able to use it.

With this amazing technology only around the corner, who knows, maybe we’ll be seeing self-flying planes using 5G to connect in the not too distant future.

By Brandon Bradley