Social media refresh for CES

Canterbury Education Services (CES) is a leading provider of education, non-profit and trust services in New Zealand. We helped them to refresh their social media.

Social media is super important when looking to expand the reach of your business. That’s why when we were approached by CES to help redesign their website, we thought a social media feed to match would be beneficial. Here’s how we updated their Facebook page;

First, we updated their profile picture to their newest logo, and uploaded a short video into the banner. This means when people land on the page, they will recognise the logo as well as have the video autoplaying.

Next, we updated their key information so their visitors could know their contact details, address, and a short history of CES. With this, we created an article that describes what CES does and what their goals are as an organisation.

After these updates, we looked carefully at all the services CES provides and created a Services tab for their page. This means that people visiting the page can see quickly what CES does and how they can use the services.

Following these updates, we make sure to post on the page regularly, keeping their current audience engaged and informed, while also boosting posts and interacting with new visitors. When these new people landed on the Facebook page, they had all the information they needed about CES, one of the main reasons why we did the refresh.

Check out CES’ Facebook page and website so see how it turned out.

By Amy Wilkinson