A Social media refresh for Summer School

Logan Park High School (in Dunedin) holds a yearly course to help high school students get some extra credits to allow them to get their University Entrance.

Because the main audience for this course was high school students, Digital Journey decided that social media (particularly Facebook) was the best way to share the course to those who would benefit from it.

We started by updating the cover photo and logo (using in the profile picture section) to their new versions for 2019. These were a a mere colour change from the previous year, but gave a fresh look to the page.

Next, we started to update their contact details and added a description to let the page visitors know what Summer School was about.

Following these small changes, we made sure to post informative posts on the page, boosting them to people with preferences relating to schools, age and occupations (including parents). We found that boosting the posts, also including lots of pictures, helped us to spread the word about Summer School to increase their enrolments.

It was great to partner with such a good organisation determined to help students across New Zealand. Have a look at Summer School’s Facebook page to see what we got up to.

By Amy Wilkinson