Our Advisory Services

With 30 years digital expertise we are proud to offer digital advisory services. We are independent technology experts with a broad understanding on technical solutions and services that can be right-sized for you and your organisation.

We can assist with the planning or creation of a Digital Strategy/Plans or the implementation of a technical roadmap. We understand how organisations operate and how digital technology can improve productivity, free up time and increase customer engagement and sales.

Digital Coaching

Needing help to make the most of online tools and services? We have helped thousands of organisations increase their use of digital technology and achieve the outcomes they are looking for. We are a team of digital experts who understand how organisations operate and how technology can be applied to achieve positive results whilst also avoiding jargon with pragmatic and independent advice.

What we can cover:

Our aim is to help you plan, make decisions and increase your digital update to improve productivity, save costs and increase sales or customer engagement.  

  • Coaching sessions are delivered one to one, or to a small group of people.  Sessions are highly customised, and delivered by different members of the team dependent upon the coaching required.   
  • Digital strategy development and creating a digital plan for the year.  
  • Websites (increasing visitation and conversion, understanding analytics and improving your Google ranking etc) 
  • Digital marketing and how to leverage email marketing, online advertising and putting in place metrics to check that you are seeing results. 
  • Social media,  we provide expertise to make social media work for you, from checking how you appear today, supporting you to make changes and providing advice to go to the next level up.  
  •  e-commerce and guidance on improving your ecommerce site to achieve greater reach, how the build an ecommerce service and making it stand out. 
  • Cyber-security – with a strong background in cyber security we have supported organisations through cyber reviews, online checks to assess security standing and pragmatic advice on staying safe. 

Digital Training

Feeling a bit stuck with where to take your online presence next? Take advantage of our training service to get some clear and easy to follow advice on how you get the most of out of digital technology.

Whether you are a business, school or community group, we can provide training to grow your digital capability and confidence to improve your use of the internet, online tools and services. We can walk through digital services and show you what to do. We provide training in group format or one on one.

What we can cover:

  • Websites – we provide training on creating a website, providing advice on making improvements and how do you make your site stand out.
  • The cloud – there are so many tools available online, yet many don’t know what tools can be used and the advantages. We can provide training and walk you through the options.
  • E-commerce – what options do you have and creating an ecommerce service that achieves the results you are looking for,
  • SEO and Digital Marketing – important that you appear well when customers are searching for you – we can provide training on what to do and guidance on making changes.
  • Social Media – we have expertise to guide you on using social and achieving results in social media – from Facebook to LinkedIn we have provided training and support.
  • Cyber Security – staying safe online is so critical nowdays – we can provide training on getting it right as well as completing audits.

Digital Presence Overhaul

Your digital presence means more now than ever before. We take a holistic view of marketing, as we know that the different strands all work together to build a digital presence that reflects who you are.

A “digital overhaul” means we can look at how your organisation is coming across in the digital space and align everything to the same clear, engaging messaging that works. We review and update websites, social media, email, video and images with best practise work that leaves a strong impression.

While we know that all of these things all work together – a strong, impactful website is the cornerstone of all digital marketing work. Building a website that is centred on key marketing messages is crucial for driving a deep understanding of your organisation’s identity.

All other digital marketing campaigns centre around a website that easily answers customer pain-points, that excites and engages, that clearly explains opportunities and connections and inspires schools to join the community.


Digital Advice for Schools and Non profits

Digital Journey is a socially minded business with a wealth of experience as a provider of services within the education sector. We have a growing portfolio of partnerships with schools and non profits all across New Zealand. We understand these organisations and the complexities they face, also the importance of having a digital presence that represents who you are.

We also provide an array of digital services and initiatives that make an impact. Our aim is to create a more digitally confident New Zealand that embraces technology and succeeds online.

We are an experienced provider of services within the education sector. Our sister companies Hail, Careerwise and Board Elections services has helped over 2000 schools.

It all starts with a conversation

If you are clear about what you need or unsure if you even need help at all, we spend a lot of time just talking to New Zealanders about your options and discussing ways in which your digital presence or capability could be increased.

We love finding solutions and supporting organisations to grow in their digital skillset. Our advice is independent and we completely understand feeling daunted by it all.

Let’s talk!