Cobham Intermediate’s new website

It was awesome to work with Cobham Intermediate to create a new website with them!

Cobham Intermediate School is growing in popularity, so a new website was needed to represent their growth in Christchurch. It was great to partner with them!

It was useful to be in contact with various members of the Cobham staff, and we are happy that we could accommodate as many opinions and pages as possible!

Cobham also had a video filmed by our videographer, Josh, that features as the homepage banner on their website. We saw this as a positive addition to the portrayal of their school. It also gives prospective parents and students a good idea of what Cobham is about.

The new website went live a couple of weeks ago now, and it’s great to hear that members of the school are enjoying using it.

Check it out here: . And if you like what you see, get in touch with our team to see what we can do for your organisation too!

By Amy Wilkinson