Creative Services

We love creating customised software and have a team of development and marketing experts ready to help. We do things differently than most. We enjoy partnering with our customers to design and develop software, right from the beginning discussion stages through to final developments. From working through requirements, bouncing ideas around to coding we have a team with the skills and passion for delivering results. Our expertise includes code development, customer centric design processes to development. We also host and maintain our software to keep it safe and secure. Our ongoing hosting and support services are something we are proud of – we make sure you have affordable solutions that you feel confident in.

Software Development

We are thrilled to see our software being used across New Zealand as well as internationally. We love hearing from our customers about the impact that we are making in their business, and how our software solutions are improving their business productivity, simplifying processes and engaging their customers. Customised solutions are something we love discussing – so come and have a chat with us and let’s see if we can work on something together!

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Website Development

Each organisation is unique, so we do our website design process a little differently than most – ours is one that makes us stand out. We consult with you and give you access to view your website as it takes shape and form. In this way, you get the website you really want and not an end result which wasn’t what you had in mind. We build and develop websites with your user in mind and our main priority is ensuring that when we hand the website over, you are completely capable of updating and refreshing your own site to help you make the most of your online presence and to grow your digital marketing capabilities. We love working with clients on their website builds and seeing something really special come together.

We offer:

  • Beautiful, clean and modern design ideas
  • Unique co-design process
  • Custom animations
  • Websites which are simple and easy to update
  • Content editing, creation and advice
  • Video and Imagery capturing
  • Fast and secure hosting
  • Social media and Hail integration
  • Free ongoing support and training

Head over to our dedicated website, Digital Future, for more information on how we build websites with the user in mind.

School Website Development

We are a certified Social Enterprise with a wealth of experience as a provider of services within the education sector. We have a growing portfolio of school partners right across New Zealand and this comes from our desire to do more than just complete a project for you, we want to build an ongoing partnership where we can offer you valuable support and advice for the long run!

We work in collaboration with schools to create an online presence that makes them stand out and effectively reach their communities. We understand schools and the complexities they face, as well as the importance of having a modern website that represents their identity and unique values and reduces paperwork and admin.

Modern school websites:

  • Beautiful, clean and modern design ideas
  • Collaborative content review
  • Unique co-design process
  • Custom animations
  • Websites that are simple and easy to update
  • Video and Imagery capturing
  • Fast and secure hosting
  • Social media and Hail integration
  • Online enrolment and registration forms
  • Free ongoing support
  • Training on how to update your website

School Design and Marketing:

  • manage social media channels
  • integrate social media channels

Fully integrated:

  • As a sister company, we are in a unique position to create custom websites that integrate with the Hail platform.
  • We can integrate with a number of education platforms to ensure users have quick access to student/parent portals.


Head over to our dedicated website, Digital Future, for more information on how we build websites especially for schools.

Digital Marketing reviews and support

Do you know how to make the most of online marketing? Stuck doing your marketing in more traditional ways? Partner with us to create exciting digital marketing campaigns that are realistic and easy to implement but will achieve results and make a real difference to your online presence and organisational or business goals. We understand that the digital world changes frequently, which is why we offer ongoing coaching and support to help you get the most out of your digital marketing, online advertising and social media

We can help you create a digital marketing plan that will provide you with a clear direction on how your organisation can use channels like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. The goal is to increase your chances of success by implementing a social media and digital marketing strategy that will work for you, in a way that you feel confident with!

Social Media Support

Getting our online marketing and social media working for us makes a huge impact on our business and organisations. Few of us really know how to get it right despite setting up Facebook pages and hoping for the best. We can help you create the pages and content that work for your target audience – whatever your goals are. Learn which channels are right for you and the best ways to post on them to increase your engagement. Not only do we put realistic and manageable Social Media plans together for you, but we also coach you on the hows and whys and offer ongoing support to help you grow your social media into a successful tool for your organisation.

How good are we at Social Media? Did you know the DJ team won the biggest social media competition in NZ called Gigatown which challenged cities across NZ to engage their communities through social media and online competition? We were pretty stoked to win it for Dunedin.


Custom Online Assessment tools

How do we know how our online presence stacks up? Do you need to assess your digital capabilities and find out how you can do things better? Digital technologies are advancing at a rapid pace, changing the way we communicate and altering consumer behaviour. Adopting new technologies and optimising your online presence can deliver improved productivity across all areas of your business.

The Digital Journey assessment guides businesses covering current digital use and plans for the future.

  • Assess the strength of your online presence
  • Identify social & digital marketing opportunities
  • Streamline business plans and systems
  • Improve project management and data accessibility with Cloud computing
  • Create your customised digital action plan

It all starts with a conversation

If you are clear about what you need or unsure if you even need help at all, we spend a lot of time just talking to New Zealanders about your options and discussing ways in which your digital presence or capability could be increased.

We love finding solutions and supporting organisations to grow in their digital skillset. Our advice is independent and we completely understand feeling daunted by it all.

Let’s talk!