We often hear from organisations who are struggling to understand and decide on technology options available, – it can be difficult to get impartial advice. Our experience helping hundreds of businesses and organisations and our unique resources means we are in an ideal position to help businesses get online, expand their digital use, and focus their efforts on the ‘right things’. We are proud to continue to inspire New Zealanders to make the most of their digital world.

One-on-one Coaching & Training

Feeling a bit stuck with where to take your online presence next? Take advantage of our one-on-one coaching and training service to get some clear and easy to follow advice on hoe you get the most of out of your digital technology. Whether you are a business, school or community group, we can provide training to grow your digital capability and confidence to improve your use of the internet, online tools and digital technology.

Our Digital Coaches understand business and the digital world. They’re actual people who speak in plain English, not tech jargon. We find out about your business, answer your questions, and help you discover and use online tools, expand your digital use, and focus your efforts and budget on the right things to help your business perform better. They can even work with you to develop a customised, and easy to understand digital strategy and activity plan for your business.

Consultancy Services

Get inspired to use your digital technology in the most efficient way possible. We are consultants who help you to assess and guide you on the best digital solutions for you and your organisation. If you’re not sure where your organisation or business needs to go in order to improve your digital tools and online presence. We work with you to understand your organisation and situation, then design specific and unique solutions to you, no matter who you are or what your goals may be. We believe that every business or organisation should have an edge, and we are committed to helping you find and develop yours.

Digital Presentations

We are proud to be invited to several nationwide presentations to talk to New Zealanders about using digital technology. We love to teach people how to make the most our of their technology through interactive and engaging presentations. It’s important to us that as many New Zealanders as possible understand technology and its uses to their best ability, and we believe we can help with that through our presentations. Because we have a team with such a wide range of expertise and exciting ideas, we’re able to talk about nearly everything (providing we’ve had a coffee of course!). Feel free to test us on our subjects or invite us along to your next work presentation for some handy tips and tricks about the online and digital worlds.

Recent Projects