Using Mobile Payments for your organisation

Keeping up with technology can be tricky, but how does making mobile payments where-ever and whenever you are sound?

Mobile payments are a great way for your business to keep moving forward by making and accepting payments on the go. For your organisation who may need to accept payments from your clients while you are out of the office, mobile payments are a great way to make it happen quickly and simply. We have teamed up with ASB to help spread the word about mobile payments and the benefits they can provide to businesses.

There are apps provided by banks in New Zealand, which allow you to connect to your 4G of Wi-Fi and complete the mobile payment. You’re able to accept contactless, chip or swipe payments from cards, that connect to anything from a small pinpad to a full-size terminal that connects to your POS system remotely.

Accepting mobile payments on the go saves you heaps of time from waiting around for payments to appear in your account. It also making it easy for your clients to make their payments on the spot, without having to muck around with Internet banking details or the hassles of invoices.

Mobile payments are a move in the right direction for your business if you need to make and accept payments while you are out of the office. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in looking at, feel free to get in contact with Digital Journey or ASB for a chat about the options that would suit you.

By Amy Wilkinson