Our Latest Project…

Find out what’s been keeping the Digital Journey team busy for the last few months.

As you may have heard, this year is when schools across New Zealand hold their elections for their Board of Trustees. This is also the year where we have teamed up with CES (Canterbury Education Services) to create an online portal that allows schools to hold their Elections on. Previously, the elections were done through a completely paper-based system, so we are super excited to bring the Election process online!

For the first time, candidates are able to log in to their school’s dashboard and complete their nomination form online. They can also add a picture – a brand new feature of the Elections! Once they have submitted the nomination, the school’s Returning Officer can also review it online. Candidates and members of the school community can keep an eye on their Election by searching for their school on the site at any time.

This is an awesome opportunity for schools to hold their Elections online, and we are super proud to have partnered with CES to bring this to our schools around New Zealand!

But the work is not over for us yet! We’re keeping a close eye on the portal and making sure everything is running as smoothly as possible while the Board Elections occur.

Both CES and ourselves have worked tirelessly to make this possible for our schools, to help simplify their Board Elections. Feel free to check out our hard work at School Elections Managerboardelections.nz